Áron András 'Apey'
FLOO, Planemo
Perc & Claudio PRC -  Der Morgen
Laurel (UK)
A38 Session: Caligula's Horse, Circles, I Built The Sky
Astrix & Filtera / Budapest
Killing Joke (UK) - 40th Anniversary World Tour
Sasquatch (US), Grizzly, Witch Bone Garden
Whores, Heads, Igor
KERET Kikeltető'18 / 2nd Day
Tony MacAlphine, support: Levi Fantasy
The Dali Thundering Concept, Aspects
Metal from the Modern Age
Next Level - Halloween Fest: Hekler, Ivory, Ecraze
Dub Phase-New World Audio Label night


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Boardgame Project - 5th Birthday (2018-06-05)