God Is An Astronaut (IE)
Agressive Misanthropy Europe Tour 2019
Combichrist (US)
Handsome Furs by Operators (CA)
All about dogs picnic, meetup and animal protection day
Commemoration - Piknik Park unplugged
Record and CD fair in July
Swing Taster - Free Taster Class
Pepita Party - Swing Out Your Summer!
Birds In Row (FR), Heavy Heart (FR), Chaviré (FR), Kytaro
Alien Weaponry (NZ)
titokzatostelepesek - Dürer Garden Stage


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RCKSTR hatodik születésnapi party: Turbo, Ørdøg, Magma Rise, Uzipov, Ozone Mama, The Joystix, The White Dominos (DK), Powertrip, Let The Cigar Die, Vendetta Inc. (2015-04-11)