Sold out! ATEEZ - The Expedition tour in Budapest
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Sold out! ATEEZ - The Expedition tour in Budapest

South Korea’s rising boy band ATEEZ is coming to Budapest to meet their fans through their ATEEZ - The Expedition Tour in Budapest on April 16 in Dürer Kert. KQ entertainment’s rising 8-members group is already set as one of the main representatives of the new K-pop generation with their well-crafted performances and producing skills.

Sold out! ATEEZ - The Expedition tour in Budapest

When and where is the event happening?
Dürer Kert, April 16, 19:00. 
How long is the show? Will I be able to get home in time?
The show will go on for about 100 minutes. Remember to make travel arrangements prior!
When can I buy the tickets?
Are you a TasteMaker? If yes, the presale is happening on Tixa. You can buy them on February 25 at 11:00 local time. The presale will end on February 27 at 10:59 local time.
But I’m not a TasteMaker. Can I buy tickets still?
We have a general sale starting on February 27 at 11:00 local time via Tixa so don’t worry!
Are there different categories? What are the prices?
There are 2 categories - VIP and GA. See below for the floor plan and prices!
How can I pay?
Credit/debit cards are accepted.
Do the prices include taxes and ticketing fees?
Yes, but you would have to pay a bank fee upon checkout.
Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can buy?
You can only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets during the presale and a maximum of 4 tickets during the general sale.
But I’m going with 5 others, how do I go about that?
You can purchase more in another transaction.
Okay, but how do I receive my tickets?
You can pick between e-ticket or by post (charges apply).
I require accessible seating. Can I go for the show too?
There is a limited amount of seats available, please contact (+36) 302794869 to see what we can do for you!
I’m interested in the VVIP category, but what does it include?
You get the show ticket, a hi-touch session, and first entry.
I’ve never been to a hi-touch session. What is that?
It’s a high-five event with ATEEZ so you get to see them up close and personal. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!
When is the hi-touch session?
It will happen after the show.
I want to leave a memory of it. Can I take photos or videos?
Unfortunately no. Filming is strictly not allowed due to artist management’s decision. You can always record with your eyes!
I can’t buy the ticket now. Can I buy them at the event?
Only if it is not sold out!
Can I refund my tickets if I can no longer attend?
There is a no-refund policy so please make sure you can attend before you purchase. Unless the show is canceled, of course. We will make refunds in that case.
Someone else bought the ticket for me, do they have to accompany me to the show?
No, they don’t have to.
I have a question about my ticket. Who do I contact? 
You can contact Tixa via or (+36) 302794869. They will assist you!
I have a MyMusicTaste account. Am I a TasteMaker?
Have you made for the ATEEZ in Budapest campaign on MyMusicTaste? If yes, congratulations! You are our TasteMaker!
I did not make for the campaign. What should I do?
Unfortunately, the campaign is now closed so you will not receive the presale/promo code. However, you can still get your tickets during the general sale so don’t worry!
If you are not a MyMusicTaste TasteMaker yet, join us and request your favorite artist's concert on You too can have access to special perks when your dream concert becomes a reality!
What are the benefits for the regular TasteMakers?
Regular TasteMakers will have access to a 48-hour presale and a 10% discount off two tickets. Check your MMT-registered email and/or phone number for your unique, one-time use promo code. 
Yay, I got my code! But how do I use it?
You will need to purchase tickets on the ticketing site. Enter the code when prompted and you should be able to access the presale. Please note that the discount is only applied to the ticket price itself and not the entire basket. You will still need to pay taxes/fees upon checkout for your purchase.
If you face any problems or have any queries, you can always reach out to us!
I’m in Top 10. What do I get?
You will be rewarded with 2 VIP tickets so congratulations! Please note that you will not need to purchase any tickets during the sale so sit back, relax, and instructions to claim your benefit will be sent to your MMT registered email address soon.
What if I can’t make it? Can I give my Top 10 tickets to my friend?
No, unfortunately. Top 10 tickets are non-transferable and the Top 10 TasteMaker has to be present in order for the tickets to be valid.
Will I be able to secure my ticket as a TasteMaker?
No, you will still need to purchase tickets when tickets go on sale.
How many tickets can I buy using the promo or presale code?
TasteMakers will be able to purchase up to 2 tickets at a 10% discount during the exclusive 48-hour TasteMaker presale period. You can only use it once so take note!
What if I am a TasteMaker with a promo code and I want to buy more than 2 ticket(s)?
You can purchase more when the general sale starts.
Can I still use my TasteMaker promo code after the presale period is over?
No. Once the presale period is over, the promo code will no longer work.
Where can I find my promo code? 
Your promo code has been sent to your MyMusicTaste registered phone number and email. Please check your inbox and/or text message (including junk/spam).
I don’t see the email anywhere. Am I not allowed to participate in the presale then?
Don’t worry, you can also find your promo code on the event page after logging into your MMT account.
*DISCLAIMER: MyMusicTaste does not support and prohibits the resale or gifting of pre-sale promo codes to anyone that is not the original owner of the issued promo code. Promo codes are unique and private information to the TasteMaker they are issued to. Participating in the illegitimate purchase of promo codes WILL NOT guarantee its validity or the ability to successfully purchase a pre-sale ticket.
How do we enter? How are the lines arranged?
It is unconfirmed at the moment. A show day schedule with more details will be released on MyMusicTaste’s social media channels as soon as possible so do keep a lookout!
I need a good spot inside the venue! Can I camp outside the venue earlier than the announced time?
We understand your eagerness, but camping outside the venue before the scheduled time is strictly not allowed. We seek your cooperation to make this a good experience for everyone!
What time can I start lining up then?
The schedule is yet to be released. The schedule will be released 2 to 3 days before the show on the event page and MyMusicTaste’s social media channels.
What time will doors open?
The doors will open at 18:00. You can check our show day schedule for more details nearer to the show!
When will the ticket box open?
The ticket box will open at 18:30.
When will the ticket box close?
The ticket box will close at 20:30.
I'm underage, do I need an adult to accompany me?
Below 6: Not allowed inside the venue
6 to 15: Accompanied by a legal adult
16 and above: Able to attend alone
Your age needs to be official (i.e. birthday must have passed). Please bring along a form of ID (with name, photo, and age) for verification purposes.
Will there be merchandise for sale? I want to buy the lightstick!
It is unconfirmed at the moment, but should there be any, we will be sure to announce it!
Can I bring a banner?
Yes, but banners must be smaller than A3 paper (297 x 429 mm / 11.7 x 16.5 in). It should not obstruct anyone’s view.
Can I bring gifts for the artists?
Yes, but do note that you are not allowed to give it to them personally. Please drop off your gifts at the fan gift box/counter on the day itself. There are no specific restrictions, but make sure everything is sealed and packed properly to prevent damage to the items.
Can we organize fan events for the show?
Unfortunately, fan events are not accepted for this show.
If I leave the venue, will I be able to re-enter?
Yes, you will be able to re-enter.
Will there be parking at the venue?
There are parking spaces on the surrounding streets.
I need to store my stuff as I’m coming straight from somewhere else. Is there storage at the venue?
Yes, you can store them at the venue.
Can I bring food and drinks into the venue?
No food and drinks are allowed inside the venue.
I might get hungry/thirsty while lining up. Is there anything I can buy on-site?
Yes, there is a concession stand at the venue.
Can I bring a backpack? What are the bag size restrictions?
Yes, smaller backpacks (40cm x 45cm) are allowed. All bags brought into the venue are subject to a bag search before entry.
Can I bring my camera? I really wish to capture some photos as a memory!
Please note that photography and recording are strictly prohibited inside the venue, including live broadcasts via social media. Cameras of any type, including DSLR, mirrorless, Polaroids, etc are also strictly prohibited due to artist management policy. Please do not bring it with you!


Sold out! ATEEZ - The Expedition tour in Budapest
2019 April 16. 18:00

VIP: 41 500 Ft
General Admission: 16 000 Ft

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