Burn (US), Gust (SE), Sedative Bang, Touch
The Underground Youth (UK), Rock Band For Old Men
Satyricon (NO), Suicidal Angels (GR)
Insomnium (FI), Tribulation (SE)
Cannabis Corpse (US), Gutted, Kill With Hate
Rockstars Not Dead - 80's Glam & Classic Tribute Fesztivál
Samas, Hortobágy Hardcore Crew, Bloodtech, Hypocrites Breed
Salvus, Divided, Ann My Guard, Dystopia
Trivium (US), Power Trip (US), Venom Prison (UK)
Dope Calypso, Deep Glaze, skeemers
The Qbs, Wolf Of Mind, Blue Tips
Rocken Dogs, AllsuckAll
Sniffyction, Peru
Florian Meindl (DE), David Temessi, Seth, Cvrdwell, Rich
Budapest Dub Club - Top Ranking Sound (FR), Dubapest HiFi


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